Screen_Shot_2012-04-27_at_11.18.13_PM.pngCreating Content with the iPad

The iPad is changing the educational landscape. Students can make movies, music and photographs. Teachers can put together professional-looking documents, presentations, and spreadsheets no matter where they are. And that's just the beginning. This hands-on session is designed for an existing iPad user who wants to get beyond basic applications.

Apps for Content Creation

As educators, our task is no longer simply to deliver static content. That is a bygone era. Rather, if we are to foster an environment of critical thinking among our students, we need to be able to author new content, create scenarios and tell stories that make the content material alive, tangible, and relevant. To an even greater degree, we need to put the ability to do this in the hands of our students. When they can synthesize a concept and use it to convey a message or idea to others, it is then that we know that true learning has taken place.

Christopher Tully

CK2_4630_cropped2.jpgAfter spending 18 years in Television and Film production, Chris made the leap into education in the Philadelphia School District. Currently, he is the Multimedia Technology Instructor at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, as well as an adjunct professor for Moore College of Art and Temple University. Chris is also on the Teacher Leadership Network in Pennsylvania, an Apple Distinguished Educator, and a member of the Apple Distinguished Educator’s Board. Through his implementation of an engaged and motivated classroom model, his program has won several awards, including Career and Technical Exemplary Program, ACTE, 2007; Outstanding CTE Program, PA, 2008; Apple Exemplary Program 2009-2010, 2010-2011 and 2011-2012. Because of the success he has had in his classrooms, he has been asked to provide professional development and present topics including the effective use of technology, classroom management, Apple technology, and Apple Pro Apps. Most recently, he developed the website to assist in developing learning environments that promote Career and Technical Education, technology in the classroom, academic excellence and the Career and Technical Advocacy Group (CTAG).
Contact: ctully@CTEduOnline.com_
Twitter: @cteduonline
YouTube: cteduonline & mmtmbit

iTunes U Course

Course-Logo2.jpgMultimedia on the iPad: MMTiPad101 is part of a complete self-paced course on iTunes U and was the delivery platform for a session at the Pennsylvania Education Technology Expo and Conference in Hershey, Pennsylvania in February 2012 presented by Christopher Tully, Chris Penny, Christine DiPaulo, Ben Mountz and Priscilla Taylor. This course provides you with the necessary tools for organizing, collecting, editing, and developing digital content exclusively on the iPad. Whether you are producing slides for a presentation, creating a Podcast for independent learning, or shooting a video for student distribution, it is truer now than ever: there is an app for that!
NOTE: You must open the link in Safari on an iPad.


As part of the course "Multimedia on the iPad: MMTiPad101", Christopher Tully,
Chris Penny, Christine DiPaulo, Ben Mountz and Priscilla Taylor created several iBooks including "iPad An Amazing Content Creation Device" and “Making Better Videos”. These
resources will assist you in determining apps to use as well as teach you techniques for producing multimedia on the iPad.